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According to today’s edition of Iris Oifigiuil, NAMA has had on Billy O’Riordan and Michael O’Regan, both of PricewaterhouseCoopers appointed to Tinerana Limited, a company controlled by Limerick/Clare developers Joe Hanrahan (50), John Shee (61), Noel Connellan (50) and Sean Lyne (43).  The appointment was made on 4th May 2012 but is dated 1st November 2012.

NAMA has previously had receivers appointed to companies controlled by Messrs Shee and Hanrahan and to companies controlled by Messrs Lyne and Connellan.

Tinerana Limited was associated with the E100m redevelopment at Tinerana House and estate, the home of former struck-off doctor Paschal Carmody, according to the Irish Independent. John Shee and Joe Hanrahan are associated with Mowlam Healthcare.

Remember you can see the list of NAMA’s enforcement actions here and in this regularly updated spreadsheet.


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