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Here’s the full list (the file is 3MB so it might take a moment to load). Here’s the new stuff.

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This is what you are looking at

(1) Real estate property subject to loans in NAMA to which receivers have been appointed. The receiver’s website is shown against each property.

(2) This is all the real estate foreclosed sorted by country, and then region.

(3) Not all of the property may be for sale.

(4) Contact the receiver with enquiries or expressions of interest in the first instance. Only pester NAMA if you’re not getting any response from the receiver and make allowances that receivers will be busy with queries, particularly after a new release of foreclosed property.

(5) If you think there are mistakes on the list, contact NAMA.

There will be an update on the detail of the new list later but it is dominated by Irish (Galway and Clare) property.

What’s the background to the list? In July 2011, coinciding with the publication of its annual report, NAMA published its first enforcement list – properties to which receivers had been appointed following default on loans by developers. That list was of 850-odd properties and generated an immense buzz. NAMA indicated the list would be updated on a monthly basis.

You will find the previous editions of the enforcement lists here, together with a list of reported NAMA sales.

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