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The NAMA Code(s) of Practice

At last week’s Oireachtas hearing before the Joint Committee for Finance and the Public Service, the NAMA CEO indicated that code(s) of practice had been drafted (unclear whether there’s just one or several) and that they were presently being reviewed before publication (wasn’t indicated when publication would take place). One can speculate what will be included in the Code of Practice but it is hoped that it will clarify how NAMA assets will be disposed of.

NAMAwinelake has seen evidence that strongly suggests property may be disposed of in a matter of weeks. The NAMA CEO last week confirmed that NAMA had received many expressions of interest in putative NAMA assets. No doubt NAMA will strive to ensure that assets are disposed of in a way which maximises returns to the “taxpayer” (or citizenry as Vincent Browne would say to stress that children and others have a stake in what’s going on right now as well). If NAMA assets are to be disposed of in a matter of weeks then presumably NAMA will take steps to ensure potential buyers  across a wide range will be made aware of any opportunities. In the meantime potential buyers may consider contacting NAMA themselves to register expressions of interest.


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